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At Capilar Hair Center, we apply the most advanced technology in hair restoration. We have the solution for you to recover your fallen hair due to scarring and traction alopecia.

Fighting hair loss

Why doesn't my hair grow?

Hair loss is a natural process for everyone. It happens from childhood until we reach old age; however, when it is excessive, it may be a case of alopecia. This condition limits hair growth in areas such as the scalp, beard, or eyebrow.
Although it is a common condition, hair loss represents a major obstacle in the lives of those who suffer from it. Fortunately, in our hair transplant clinic, we provide treatments for patients to recover their hair along with their self-esteem and well-being. Learn how hair transplant works with the specialist in hair loss in Tijuana.


Hair transplant for hair loss problems

As its name suggests, scarring alopecia is a condition caused by certain diseases or conditions that cause injury to the skin. The scarring process occurs in areas such as the scalp, delaying natural hair growth due to the loss of follicular units.
Although it does not affect the entire area, a simple patch can be very noticeable and affect your safety. Can hair grafting be done on scars? Depending on the type of alopecia presented, a satisfactory and reliable solution is planned for the patient. There are two types of scarring alopecia:
The patient has some disease that causes the appearance of lesions on the scalp.
There are lesions as a result of certain external factors that give way to a scarring process, either by trauma, burns or other surgeries.

Get a natural-looking hairline and cover up scars with our hairline and scar camouflage hair transplant in Tijuana

Prolongued use of hair extensions

Tight hairstyles

Hair tubes or even hats

Curling, straightening or pulling the hair

What is traction alopecia?

Hait treatments for all types of alopecia

The hair begins to lose strength and separate from the follicle, causing noticeable gaps, especially in the frontal and lateral areas. If detected early, traction alopecia can be controlled. However, when the tension damages irreversibly, the hair does not grow back, but do hair transplant scars disappear?
But don’t be discouraged! Capilar Hair Center is the hair grafting clinic in Tijuana that will help you recover your wellbeing. Thanks to our experience and commitment, we perform FUE hair transplant, the most successful internationally.

Some of the causes of this alopecia are:

aesthetic and safe solutions

Mastery of the FUE technique

At Capilar Hair Center, we are specialists in hair grafting, and we provide professional hair treatments to counteract hair loss.
We offer aesthetic and safe solutions for people suffering from androgenic alopecia, scarring or traction alopecia, or who are looking for an eyebrow or beard graft.


Safe and effective hair treatments

Our hair solutions in Tijuana will give you the security of having a safe clinic and with all the necessary credentials to give you the best results internationally and to know in depth what the hair transplant procedure consists of.



We carry out a review of the area to determine if the treatment is suitable for the type of alopecia of each patient.



Once we have all the necessary information, an appointment is made to perform the transplant with the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique. Our specialists extract the grafts from the donor area and prepare them for the transplant.



We check the quality of each follicle and replace one by one in the indicated places so that the hair grows back naturally.



Each transplanted graft continues to produce hair. In addition, our team provides follow-up care to ensure that the care is carried out.


A margin of time according to your treatment


week post surgery recovery

months total recovery

average number of grafts per transplant

Discover the reason your hair falls out and recover it successfully at Capilar Hair Center.