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Meet Dr. Jimmy Cortez, FUE and DHI Transplant Specialist in Tijuana.

Quality and personal attention, Dr. Jorge Jimmy Cortez is a specialist in FUE and DHI transplant, is a member of the ISHRS and founder of Capilar Hair Center.
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Dr. Jorge Jimmy Cortez is a renowned specialist in hair transplants, with emphasis in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) techniques, in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dr. Cortez, 1 of Mexico’s 13 internationally endorsed doctors

His professional experience, certifications and training have led him to be one of the 13 members endorsed in Mexico by the prestigious International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

Jimmy Cortez is the founder of Capilar Hair Center, a hair transplant clinic based in Tijuana, Mexico, a city on the border with San Diego, California, which for years has been consolidated thanks to its offer of medical tourism.

Capilar Hair Center has a team of professionals specialized in post-surgical care, nursing and patient management, headed by Dr. Jimmy Cortez, specialist in FUE and DHI transplant in Tijuana.

A solid academic background and experience


Dr. Cortez has an outstanding track record in the field of hair restoration. His experience, certifications, attendance at various conferences and success in meeting patient expectations support his work.

Some of his academic and professional achievements include:

Attendance at 4 congresses, including:

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is a worldwide non-profit medical organization and the leading authority on the treatment and recovery of hair loss.

As a member of the ISHRS, Dr. Cortez is one of 1,000 affiliated doctors in 70 countries around the world who aspire to achieve excellence in patient outcomes by driving the highest standards of medical practice, medical ethics and research in the field of medical hair restoration.

Wide range of specialized procedures

Dr. Cortez not only focuses on hair restoration, but also offers a variety of successful procedures in his practice, such as:

Learn about the techniques Dr. Cortez uses to give you natural-looking hair

The DHI technique offers several advantages over other methods of hair transplantation, such as faster recovery, lower risk of infection and bleeding, and more natural and dense results.

In the FUE technique, hair follicles are extracted individually from the donor area, which is usually the back and sides of the head, using a micro-extraction device or microscope.

A doctor with ethics and professional philosophy

Dr. Cortez aims to prevent, treat and assist society in the current health problems, performing his practice with human quality, social responsibility and professional ethics.

His membership in the ISHRS demonstrates his commitment to the highest standards of medical practice and medical ethics in the hair restoration industry.

If you are looking for a FUE and DHI transplant specialist in Tijuana, Dr. Jorge Jimmy Cortez is an excellent choice.

With his experience, training and commitment to excellence, you can be confident that you will receive the best possible care and results for your hair restoration treatment.

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