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Hair Restoration: Where To Go For Hair Transplant In Tijuana

Capilar Hair Center by Dr. Jorge Jimmy Cortez is the best clinic to have a hair transplant in Tijuana, the new destination for top-notch medical procedures
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Are you struggling with hair loss and considering a hair transplant? Look no further than Capilar Hair Center (CHC) the best clinic to undergo a hair transplant in Tijuana. We specialize in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants for both head and facial hair, as well as treatments for various types of alopecia Tijuana.

What is a Follicular Unit Extraction Transplant?

FUE hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that involves extracting individual hair follicles from a donor area, typically the back of the head, and transplanting them to the balding or thinning areas. Unlike the older strip method, FUE leaves no linear scar, making it an excellent option for those who prefer shorter hairstyles. Each follicle is meticulously implanted to ensure a natural look and maximum density.

Who Can Benefit from FUE?

FUE is ideal for individuals experiencing various forms of hair loss, including androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, and hair transplant for traction alopecia. It’s also a fantastic solution for those seeking to enhance their facial hair, such as eyebrow or want to get FUE hair transplant Tijuana. Both men and women can benefit from FUE technique, particularly those who desire a discreet and effective hair restoration method without significant downtime.

Is FUE Painful?


One of the common concerns about hair transplants is the pain associated with the procedure. At CHC, patient comfort is a top priority. FUE is performed under local anesthesia, ensuring that the donor and recipient areas are numb, minimizing any discomfort during the process. Post-procedure, patients may experience mild soreness or swelling, which typically subsides within a few days. Over-the-counter pain medications are usually sufficient to manage any minor discomfort.

Recovery from an FUE hair transplant is relatively quick. Most patients can return to their normal activities within a couple of days. It’s important to follow post-operative care instructions provided by Dr. Cortez, specialist FUE surgeon and founder of CHC, to ensure optimal healing and results. Initial hair growth can be seen within a few months, with full results evident around 12 to 18 months after the procedure.

Tijuana: A Premier Destination for Medical Treatments

Tijuana has become a sought-after destination for medical treatments, offering high-quality care at competitive prices. Capilar Hair Center is conveniently located, making it easily accessible for American patients seeking exceptional hair transplant in Tijuana and other hair restoration services. Tijuana boasts state-of-the-art medical facilities and highly trained professionals, ensuring you receive top-notch care.

Choose Capilar Hair Center in Tijuana for your hair restoration journey and experience the confidence that comes with a fuller, natural-looking head of hair. Schedule your consultation today and take the first step towards revitalizing your hair and your confidence. Learn more with our blog content, such as, FUE Transplant: Best Clinic for Hair Loss Treatment Tijuana or What Is the Best Clinic in Town? Tijuana FUE Hair Transplant.

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